Rights & Resposibilities

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Every student of the College should :-

1.      Be treated with respect by fellow students and staff.

2.      Pursue the goal of education in a stimulating academic atmosphere.

3.      Learn properly in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

4.      Have access to attendance and internal assessment marks.


Every student should :-

1.      Be punctual and regular to all classes.

2.      Treat the fellow students and staff with respect.

3.      Return the books borrowed from the library or the department in time.

4.      Submit the given assignments in-time.

5.      Behave in a responsible manner.

6.      Not install any software into the computers of the college.

7.      Prevent the introduction of virus to computer in the laboratory/network center.

8.      Not damage the college property.

9.     Not cheat any one in any way. If any student fails to carry out the responsibilities, he/she is liable to be penalized by the Disciplinary Committee.