Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission and Goals reflected in the Curricula :

The story of any ground-breaking community is the story of torch-bearers and extraordinary human beings. Our founders were driven by a sense of mission. For them education was not just an investment in future career opportunities but it was a means to self-realization and a guide to wholesome living.

These pioneers laid the foundations and over the years, the temple of learning built by them has grown, drawing students from every corner of India and some from across the seas. We have students from 23 different states of India and 20 different nationalities. Together, they represent a microcosm of our country, with its rich composite culture.

They come to study - first the conventional subjects and later the more current disciplines. They come also to sing, dance and play - hockey, cricket, football, volley ball, basket ball, shuttle badminton and table-tennis. Their sporting talents come to the fore at the college's Annual Athletic Meet and some go on to represent the college at state and national Athletics and Games.

Inculcating Life Skills in students has been the objective of Value Education at St. Philomena's. The NCC, NSS and the Rotaract, Nature, Adventure, Fine Arts and Literary Clubs enhance social awareness and add further dimension to education.

Seminars, panel discussions and guest lectures classroom learning and co-curricular activities have placed the college firmly on the cultural map. The list of Clubs and Associations at St. Philomena's continues to grow while additional experience comes through field trips and excursions.

Leadership and Personality Development programmes help boost confidence and morale on campus and the Total Quality Management (TQM) Cell at the college.

As for the methods employed in teaching, there is freedom to innovate. Encouraged by a far-sighted and progressive Principal, teachers as well as students stretch their wings and accept challenges both within the college and in society at large. Even as it changes, St. Philomena's continues to hold on to its traditions and values, instilling a sense of belonging in all who pass through the portals of this college.

Our vision for the future :

For Sixty three years St Philomena's has held tenaciously to human values and academic excellence. Its activities are spread over a vast area covering spacious classrooms, halls, libraries, laboratories, an auditorium, Conference Hall with multi-media and video-conference facilities, playing fields, etc.

From its humble beginning in 1946, the college has grown massive. Today there are 37 Departments in all - including the Science, Arts, Commerce, Management and Social Work Streams and the Languages. In addition to the existing PG Departments in the Distance Education Mode, the college has started more PG courses in Chemistry and Social Work and proposes to set up a Science Research Lab in the near future.

But, while an educational institution may pride itself on its imposing buildings and beautiful campus, its true glory lies in the achievements of its students. Generally, the successful functioning of a college is measured by the achievements of its alumni in various spheres-in University examinations, sports, debates, competitions, professional life and so on. The College has produced many educationists, scientists, artists, bureaucrats and professionals who have carried forward the torch of learning and social concern lit in their alma mater.

The commemoration of past achievements should spur on the present generation to achieve even greater heights in education, research and service.

Our country is on the threshold of exciting and phenomenal changes - changes that will have impact on every aspect of our lives. It is now imperative for institutions to keep pace with the times proactively, incorporating change as an ongoing process, rather than waiting for change to overtake them. On the other hand, these challenges open up vast opportunities for growth, especially in the field of education, and the College is ready to accept them.

Having grown to be autonomous with the UGC tag as College of Excellence, St Philomena's is looking forward to so many exciting prospects - framing its own challenging and relevant syllabi, conducting its own examinations, including extra-curricular activities in the overall student assessment, following the semester system, with more de-centralized curriculum with horizontal and vertical mobility, making the college socially relevant, and shaping Philomenites as men and women who can hold their own in the world and change the society in tangible ways.